top beauty picks (must haves!)

hey there luvly!
it’s lydia xx

i loove to play with beauty products and experiment with different skin care products that i hear about. one of my new year’s resolutions was actually to start taking care of my skin more!

so here are my top skin care and beauty picks : ) hopefully these might help you, too (but also, i’m not giving away all my secrets…hehe)

these are all either drugstore brands or on the cheaper side so they fit into your budget!

let’s just get right into it! Continue reading “top beauty picks (must haves!)”


welcome! + blog overview

hey there luvly!
it’s lydia xx

welcome to my lil blog : )
my name is lydia – i’m 13 years old

here’s what i’ll be posting about in a nutshell:
– lifestyle (self care, hacks, etc.)
– aesthetics (monthly, calming, etc.)
– organization (how-tos, hacks, etc.)
– diys (organization, artsy, etc.)
– more random bits!

stay tuned for new posts + read them when they come out!

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thanks for reading and please read my upcoming post!

lydia xx